Worker Votes under Mexico’s Labour Justice Reform

MSN is monitoring and assessing progress in the implementation of Mexico’s long-promised labour justice reform.

One important achievement of the reform is the granting of new voting rights to workers, including the right to vote on existing collective bargaining agreements (CBAs), initial CBAs, and revisions to those CBAs.

Under the reformed Federal Labour Law (LFT), workers now also have the right to elect their union leaders and choose which union will represent them in union representation elections.
The LFT stipulates that all voting events must be personal, free, direct and by secret ballot.

A related issue currently under debate in the Mexican Congress is a proposed reform to the LFT to more clearly define the rights of workers in minority unions in workplaces where another union representing the majority of workers holds title to the CBA.

MSN will be posting links to media reports and other resources on the process and outcomes of key voting events, the debate on the rights of minority unions, and the results of CBA negotiations by emerging democratic unions.

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