Bi-national childcare forum in El Salvador (May 2018)

Over 90 participants came together on May 23, 2018 in San Salvador, El Salvador, for a bi-national forum on the advantages and disadvantages for maquila workers of workplace, community, and home-based childcare options in Central America and internationally. Representatives came from 38 supplier factories in Honduras and El Salvador; 27 union, women’s and other non-governmental organizations, 13 international brands and manufacturers; and two industry associations.

It was an important opportunity to hear expert testimony from a recent International Finance Corporation (IFC) study on the business case for workplace childcare and for brands, manufacturers, and for labour and women’s organizations to explore the challenges and opportunities that the provision of childcare for working parents presents for workers and employers.

The report Seeking Solutions to Childcare Needs of Maquila Workers in El Salvador was presented and distributed at the forum. Based on a comprehensive needs assessment carried out by CEDM, in collaboration with the Americas Group, the report documents how workers in the garment sector currently resolve their childcare needs and what other options might be available.

Read the summary report of the May 2018 forum.
Access the report Seeking Solutions to Childcare Needs of Maquila Workers in El Salvador.