Employer Guidance on Freedom of Association in Mexico (2024)

Mexico’s May 2019 labour justice reform opened the door to a new era in labour relations. To encourage greater understanding and respect for the reformed Federal Labour Law, the Mexico Committee of the Americas Group has prepared an Employer Guidance tool on Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining and a summary of the most significant rights and obligations regarding freedom of association and collective bargaining under Mexican labour law and international conventions.

Publications on Mexico’s ongoing constitutional reform to the labour justice system

MSN has been working with our allies in Mexico to monitor developments related to the Mexican government’s February 2017 Constitutional Reform to the labour justice system and to encourage discussion and debate about the reforms and their implementation, as well as the implications they have for workers and employers.

Central America: Report highlights immense gap between wages and cost of basic necessities

Photo: Eric Anada

The latest in a series of annual wage reports by Sergio Chávez highlights the immense gap between the cost of adequate nutritional food items and monthly minimum wages for workers in Central America’s four garment-producing countries - Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Employer Guidance: Ensuring Respect for Freedom of Association in El Salvador (October 2023)


In October 2023, the Central America Committee of the Americas Group (AG) published Employer Guidance: Ensuring Respect for Freedom of Association (FOA) in El Salvador. The comprehensive Guidance tool provides employers in El Salvador’s garment sector with clear expectations of the Americas Group on the policies they should adopt and actions they should take to ensure that workers’ right to freedom of association and to bargain collectively is respected in the workplace.

Will CBA legitimation votes eliminate protection contracts?

Photo: Teksid Hierro workers celebrate union victory (IndustriALL).

Four years after the launch of Mexico’s labour justice reform, legitimation votes on all existing collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) were to be completed by May 1, 2023. Mexico’s labour authorities extended that deadline to July 31, while requiring that unions register the dates of such votes by May 1. If legitimation votes have not been carried out or programed by May 1, or are programed but are not held before July 31, the CBA is terminated.