Brilliant Alliance: Will Victoria’s Secret actually support women?

Photo: #PayYourWorkers

MSN and other labour rights and trade union organizations participating in the global #PayYourWorkers campaign are calling on lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret to pay the workers who sewed their products the US$7.8 million that they are owed.

In March 2021, close to 1,400 Thai garment workers were left without jobs or severance pay when the Brilliant Alliance Thai Global garment factory that produced lingerie for Victoria’s Secret, Torrid and Lane Bryant suddenly closed. Shortly after, Thai authorities ordered the manufacturer to pay the workers all outstanding wages and severance pay.

Almost 10 months later, the workers have still not been paid. Over 40,000 people have participated in the #PayYourWorkers email campaign targeting Victoria’s Secret.

The company is a self-proclaimed “champion and advocate for women”. This should include the garment workers who made their products.