Fashion’s Next Trend (December 2019)

Today, a coalition of Global Unions and human and labour rights organizations, including MSN, launched a new 15-page report describing how dozens of brands and retailers are publicly disclosing the names and addresses and other information on their supplier factories.

Fashion’s Next Trend: Accelerating Supply Chain Transparency in the Garment and Footwear Industry builds on the momentum of the coalition’s 2016 Transparency Pledge, a minimum standard for supply chain transparency that enables advocates, workers, and consumers to find out where a brand’s products are made.

Supplier transparency is a powerful tool that promotes corporate accountability for garment workers’ rights in global supply chains. It is proof that a company knows where its products are made, and allows workers and labour and human rights advocates to alert the company to rights abuses in supplier factories. Information about brands’ supplier factories can help workers gain faster access to redress for human rights abuses.

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