Labour rights groups demand brand accountability for deadly factory fire in India

Photo: CCC

On February 8, a fire broke out in the Nandan Denim factory in Ahmedabad, India. Severe security defects left workers scrambling to escape through the only available exit, a ladder leading to the outside, once again drawing attention to serious fire and safety concerns of Indian garment industry.

Labour organizations are calling for compensation for the families of the killed workers and workers in terms of income loss and medical costs, which is a stipulation of ILO Convention 121 on employment injury benefits.

To date, the factory has promised to pay 1 million INR (CAD 18,446) and has committed to employing the family members of deceased workers. However, labour rights groups are calling for more than just an ad hoc approach to address supply chain responsibility for workplace death and injury, that would include buyer accountability and recognition of workers’ pain and suffering to ensure their rights are met.

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