Mexico Committee

Employer Guidance on Freedom of Association in Mexico (2024)

Mexico’s May 2019 labour justice reform opened the door to a new era in labour relations. To encourage greater understanding and respect for the reformed Federal Labour Law, the Mexico Committee of the Americas Group has prepared an Employer Guidance tool on Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining and a summary of the most significant rights and obligations regarding freedom of association and collective bargaining under Mexican labour law and international conventions.

Common Wage Violations in Mexico’s Garment Industry (December 2020)

MSN Briefing Paper prepared for the Mexico Committee of the Americas Group

Common Wage Violations in Mexico’s Garment Industry provides guidance to international brands and manufacturers sourcing and producing apparel products in Mexico on wage violations that are widespread in the sector and how to effectively address them.

Joint letter from 14 clothing brands supporting labour justice reform in Mexico (July 2017)

On July 28, 2017, 14 international clothing brands and the Fair Labor Association (FLA) released a joint letter to the Mexican government declaring their support for a Constitutional Reform to Mexico’s labour justice system that could better protect workers’ right to freedom of association and to bargain collectively.

Comparison of Mexico's federal labour law, ILO standards, and FLA code and benchmarks (January 2015)

This document, prepared by MSN for the Mexico Committee of the Americas group, was designed primarily as a tool for companies sourcing apparel products from Mexico to better understand the labour standards obligations of their Mexican suppliers and the rights of workers in their supplier factories. It should also serve as a useful reference document for trade union and labour rights organizations advocating on behalf of Mexican workers.