Women's Rights

El Salvador’s proposed law poses threat to civil society organizations

Human rights advocates are sounding the alarm on a proposed “Foreign Agents Law” in El Salvador that would severely limit the work of independent civil society organizations and media outlets. Due to international pressure, the Legislative Assembly has placed the approval of the law on hold for now in an attempt to reach a consensus with the international community. Nevertheless, considerable concern remains about future drafts of the bill.

Blanca Velázquez Díaz, a brilliant worker rights defender

Blanca attending a regional forum with Central American and
Mexican women’s organizations.

Blanca with colleagues from the Network of United Women’s Labour
Rights Defenders (Red DLUM) in October 2019.

Colectivo Raiz's tribute to Blanca.

On September 24, 2021, the MSN learned that our dear friend of twenty years, and internationally esteemed labour rights defender, Blanca Velázquez Díaz, had passed away from cancer. For 18 months, Blanca navigated this phase of her life with hope, determination and grace, accompanied by the love and solidarity of the labour rights community that she was instrumental in building in Mexico.