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Sri Lanka: Ongoing political and economic crisis jeopardizes freedom of association

Solidarity kitchen organized by FTZ & GSEU and the Women's Center.
Photo: Free Trade Zones Workers

Social Movement for a People's Economy convention on urgent economic relief. Photo: Free Trade Zones Workers

On September 23, MSN, in collaboration with the Clean Clothes Campaign, Labour Behind the Label, War on Want and Workers United - SEIU, sent a letter to major international clothing companies sourcing from Sri Lanka raising concerns about the deteriorating labour rights situation and urging brands to voice their concern about recently proposed labour reforms which threaten to weaken vital rights provisions and protections, especially for women workers.

Pakistan: 10 years after fatal factory fire, demands for effective safety program continue

Photo: HBWWF and NTUF call for the expansion of the Accord.

Photo: Clean Clothes Campaign

September 11, 2022, marked the 10th anniversary of the catastrophic Ali Enterprises fire in Baldia, Karachi, where more than 250 garment workers lost their lives and over 50 were injured.

Ten years after this preventable disaster, MSN joins Pakistani garment unions and the Clean Clothes Campaign in remembering the lives lost and calling for the lifesaving International Accord for Health and Safety in the Textile and Garment Industry to be extended to Pakistan without further delay.

Global day of action targets apparel and footwear giant adidas

Photo: HBWWF action in Pakistan.

Photo: WU and USW action in Toronto.

Photo: Action organized by multiple groups in Bangladesh.

An international coalition, led by unions in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India, organized a global day of action for adidas’ anniversary on August 18. As part of the #PayYourWorkers campaign, the coalition is calling on adidas to negotiate directly with unions representing workers in their supply chain to ensure workers are paid and their rights are respected.