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El Salvador: Bukele administration suspends civil rights and freedoms

Government ministers request an extension of the state of emergency.
(Screenshot of live transmission)

A June 2 Amnesty International report finds that El Salvador’s government is committing massive human rights violations under the current state of emergency, which has suspended the rights to freedom of association and assembly, privacy in communication, and legal representation, among other civil and political rights.

Thai garment workers win historic severance settlement financed by Victoria’s Secret

Photo: Clean Clothes Campaign

Photo: Solidarity Center

After thirteen months of worker protests and international campaigning, workers from the Brilliant Alliance Thai Global garment factory have finally been paid the US$8.3 million they are legally owed. Victoria's Secret, whose lingerie were produced at the factory, financed the payments through a loan arrangement with the workers’ former employer. This is the largest settlement ever paid in a case of wage theft at an individual factory in the global garment industry.