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Mexico: Independent unions win significant wage increases

Photo: La Liga Sindical Obrera Mexicana

Independent unions at five manufacturing facilities in Mexico, most of which are in the auto manufacturing and auto parts sectors, have recently negotiated significant wage increases for their members. 

Contributing factors that helped achieve these victories are: 1) the right of workers under Mexico’s labour justice reform to vote by secret ballot on existing collective bargaining agreements and in union representation elections, and 2) the right to file complaints if workers’ associational rights are violated under the tri-national trade agreement.  

CCC calls on brands to take immediate action in support of Sri Lankan workers making their clothes

Photo: Solidarity Kitchen organised by FTZ & GSEU during the crisis.

Research published today by Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) reveals that most garment workers in Sri Lanka have not been receiving the full Emergency Relief Allowance, which unions had called on factories to pay to help counter the devastating effects of the country’s severe economic crisis. 

Yes Men hoax calls on adidas to get serious about workers’ rights

Pictures from the hoax organized by The Yes Men.

On January 16, The Yes Men, working with Clean Clothes Campaign, staged a high-profile hoax, naming and shaming adidas for its failure to respect workers’ rights.

The stunt began with a surprise announcement from ‘adidas’, detailing their bold new plan to prioritize and protect workers’ rights, and their ground-breaking appointment of a Cambodian former garment worker and union leader, ‘Vay Ya Nak Phoan’ ('garment worker’ in Khmer) as adidas’ Co-CEO, alongside Bjorn Gulden, who took charge of the company on January 1.