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Civil society organizations question human rights costs of El Salvador’s state of emergency

Photo: From a video expressing solidarity with mothers
of the detained and disappeared (Cristosal).

Photo: Press conference in 2022 to denounce and demand
justice for the disappeared (FESPAD).

The state of emergency first declared by the Salvadoran government in March 2022 to curb rampant gang violence has now been repeatedly extended for over two years.

While much of the population supports the measures because of the lower levels of gang violence in certain areas, civil society organizations and families negatively impacted by mass detentions have questioned what the policy has cost in terms of human rights. 

Human rights and labour rights organizations express concern about planned changes to Sri Lankan labour law

Photo: Convening of Sri Lankan trade unions in 2023 around shared
concerns on the labour law and pension fund reform (FTZ&GSEU).

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the Clean Clothes Campaign, of which MSN is a member, are urgently calling on the Sri Lankan government to halt the current proposals for a new labour law and ensure that future labour reforms are only proposed and adopted following proper consultation with workers and their representatives.

Salvadoran unions and allies call on brands to ensure full Severance for APS workers

Photo: Former APS workers call on Specialized to
#PayYourWorkers (#PYW).

Photo: Action at a cycling event to call on
Specialized to #PayYourWorkers (#PYW).

Salvadoran unions, MSN and other international labour rights organizations are calling on Specialized Bicycle Components and Hanesbrands to make financial contributions to remedy a year-and-a-half-long wage theft case from the APS El Salvador factory.

11 years after Rana Plaza, factories are safer but worker rights violations persist

Photo: Last year, people laid wreaths at the Rana Plaza site to
mark the 10-year anniversary (NGWF).

Photo: Protesters in Bangladesh demanding a living wage (BRGWF).

Photo: Union members call for due diligence legislation
on the 11th anniversary of Rana Plaza (NGWF).

On the 11th anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy, we stand in solidarity with the survivors and families of the thousands of garment workers who were killed or injured in this devastating tragedy.

Former Style Avenue workers in El Salvador win full severance and back wages

Photo: Union members sort and document
factory inventory at Style Avenue after the closure (FEASIES).

After considerable pressure from Salvadoran unions (FEASIES, SGC, SINDICOM), labour rights organizations, and US universities, former workers from the Style Avenue factory in El Salvador will receive full severance and back wages.