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Growing gap between wages and food costs for Central American garment workers

The latest in a series of annual wage reports by the El Salvador-based Labour Research Team (Equipo de Investigaciones Laborales - EIL) highlights the growing gap between the cost of basic food items and monthly minimum wages for workers in Central America’s four garment-producing countries - Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. In a year marked by rising inflation and food costs, factory closures and mass layoffs, the report raises serious concerns about how workers will meet their basic needs.

Voting without fear: Workers at Manufacturas VU win the right to an independent union

Photo: Julia Quiñonez and two independent union delegates celebrate victory.

On August 31, 2022: workers at the Manufacturas VU maquila factory in Piedras Negras, Coahuila participated in their first democratic election on who would represent them in negotiations with their employer on their wages, working conditions, and rights at work.

295 workers took part in the secret-ballot vote to choose between two unions: the Confederation of Mexican Workers (CTM) or the Mexican Labour Union League (La Liga). By the end of the day, the workers’ response was overwhelming: 186 votes for La Liga and 101 for the CTM.

Sri Lanka: Ongoing political and economic crisis jeopardizes freedom of association

Solidarity kitchen organized by FTZ & GSEU and the Women's Center.
Photo: Free Trade Zones Workers

Social Movement for a People's Economy convention on urgent economic relief. Photo: Free Trade Zones Workers

On September 23, MSN, in collaboration with the Clean Clothes Campaign, Labour Behind the Label, War on Want and Workers United - SEIU, sent a letter to major international clothing companies sourcing from Sri Lanka raising concerns about the deteriorating labour rights situation and urging brands to voice their concern about recently proposed labour reforms which threaten to weaken vital rights provisions and protections, especially for women workers.