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Accountability for human and labour rights abuses is non-negotiable

Today, two private members’ bills were introduced in Canada’s House of Commons that, if passed, would help protect human and labour rights and the environment in Canadian companies’ global operations and supply chains.

While the Canadian government has thus far failed to address pervasive human and labour rights and environmental issues in Canadian companies’ global operations and supply chains, these two bills could help Canada ensure meaningful and effective corporate accountability:

Workers vote in favour of union democracy at three Mexican factories

August 2021 vote at GM Silao. STPS.

2022 has begun with three important victories in favour of the rights of Mexican workers to freedom of association and collective bargaining, rights that have been strengthened by Mexico’s labour justice reform and the labour chapter of the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA).

The first two wins involve workers at two separate auto factories who voted in free and fair secret-ballot votes in favour of women-led independent unions.

DLUM marks International Women’s Day

Photo: Sara Montes Ramirez from Colectivo Raíz Aguascalientes (CRA - RedDLUM)

On March 5, the women members of the Network of United Labour Rights Defenders in the Maquila (RedDLUM) held their first public event in Mexico, in honour of International Women’s Day. The online event, “Updating Women’s Rights at Work” provided a platform for women who work, or have worked, in clothing and auto parts factories to discuss their working conditions in the context of the 2019 reform to the Federal Labour Law.

Ortega regime cancels MEC’s legal status, but their work will continue

Members of MEC engaged in workshops at the MEC office on the same day as the National Assembly voted to cancel the organization's legal status.

The week of February 14, the Nicaraguan National Assembly voted to cancel the legal status of 12 Nicaraguan and international NGOs, including the country’s strongest and most outspoken defender of women maquila workers’ rights, the Maria Elena Cuadra Women’s Movement (MEC).