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Report analyzes collective bargaining agreements in Mexico’s garment sector from a gender perspective

A new report by three Mexican labour rights experts, Inés González Nicolás, Gabino Jiménez Velasco and Andrea García, analyzes 68 collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) in Mexico’s garment industry from a gender perspective.

The report, entitled Collective Bargaining Agreements in Mexico’s Apparel Industry, as well as a 13-page summary, are available in Spanish and English.

Common Wage Violations in Mexico’s Garment Industry (December 2020)

MSN Briefing Paper prepared for the Mexico Committee of the Americas Group

Common Wage Violations in Mexico’s Garment Industry provides guidance to international brands and manufacturers sourcing and producing apparel products in Mexico on wage violations that are widespread in the sector and how to effectively address them.

Fighting COVID and defending workers’ rights in Northern Mexico

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit Mexico hard. As of mid-November, the country has almost one million confirmed positive cases and over 95,000 official deaths. Since the pandemic started, maquila factories in the northern states experienced waves of infections among workers, with little protection provided by factory owners and management.

Global week of action calling on Primark, H&M and Nike to pay their workers

When global garment and footwear brands first responded to the pandemic by cancelling orders already placed with factories, workers across the globe bore the brunt through unpaid wages, pay reductions, and mass dismissals. Workers are owed between US$3.19 and $5.79 billion for the first three weeks of the pandemic alone. In response, since March, workers have been taking to the streets in protest and to demand what they are legally owed.