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Eight years after Rana Plaza new international Accord urgently needed

2013 Rana Plaza building collapse missing persons board

April 24 marks the eighth anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster in which 1,134 workers were killed and 2,500 injured when a garment factory building collapsed. Today MSN is joining with Bangladeshi, international and Canadian allies in calling for a renewed commitment to worker safety in Bangladesh and other garment-producing countries.

Sri Lankan garment workers struggle during pandemic, brands and manufacturers continue to profit

Photo caption: Garment workers in Sri Lanka protesting for full payment of wages and bonuses and respect for union rights during the #PayYourWorkers week of action, March 2021 - FTZ & GSEU.

On March 24, seven international trade union and labour rights organizations, including MSN, published an 18-page brief on the situation of the Sri Lankan garment industry during the pandemic.